Hi guys! For those of you who follow my Instagram page, it is pretty evident that I am a huge fan of blazers. For me the appeal lies within their capability to be styled to suit any occasion. The key to styling your blazer is knowing exactly what occasion it is required for.

I recently called into Different Class Menswear , where I picked out my favourite pieces from their Spring/Summer collection. Remember, a blazer is a statement. So don’t be afraid to venture into brighter colours and pattern prints.

First up we have this grey window pane check blazer from Herbie Frogg. For me the fit exceeded anything I had ever bought from a high street store. It’s tailored fit gives structure to the waistline and hugs the contours of your body. What I really liked was the linen/wool composition. This gives it a slightly lighter feel enabling it to be worn in warmer months.

Photo credit: SnazzyYazi

Don’t be afraid to liven things up. Confidence is key!

Photo credit: SnazzyYazi

Another piece that caught my eye was this navy diamond print blazer from Scotch & Soda. Slightly more reserved, yet still an eye catcher! Paired with a white shirt and navy jeans, it gives a nice clean look.

Photo credit: em_imagery

Last, but not least! My personal favourite. This Malbec blazer from Herbie Frogg ticks all the boxes. For me it stands out as centre piece to any outfit, with its clean lines and tailored fit. It’s an absolute gem if you ask me!

Photo credit: em_imagery

Thanks for reading guys and remember life starts outside of your comfort zone!



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