The 1960’s, an era when fashion traditions were thrown out the window along with the contents of many hotel rooms.

Fast forward fifty years and we find ourselves in the midst of a retro revival from oversized polka dots to paisley prints.

One label in particular is headlining the main stage. PHIX! A Manchester based company fuelled by Mod culture and vintage nostalgia.

I was recently given the opportunity to collaborate with PHIX and jumped at the chance to do so. The lovely Abbie sent me out their Ashcroft Floral Paisley shirt. A print louder than Keith Moon’s exploding drum kit.

The Ashcroft

The shirt features a burgundy floral paisley design, grandad collar and is finished in a high quality lightweight cotton fabric.

The styling capabilities are endless. However, I have chosen a couple of my favourite looks below.

The Ashcroft

A smart yet casual look when paired with a blazer and jeans. Darker colours such as black or navy allow the shirt to take centre stage.

The Ashcroft

Or dress it up with a suit and DM’s for an all out Mod extravaganza!

It’s certainly all Mod and no cons with PHIX. Check them out on their website, where they have an extensive range of clothing and accessories.

Thanks for reading and until next time, peace out!


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